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The main purpose of my educational-curative
performance was the awakening of people

The Mirror of My Soul

The idea of organizing a performance-seminar appeared for a reason. It was necessary to find a way to waken people from their mind-sleep and direct their attention to real human life which is not the mindless lying in front of a TV set with poisons like chips and beer in their hands. There was the urgent necessity of showing people that they are People and the sense of human life is not in an animal existence, but in the amazing process of endless evolutionary development, ones discovery of new abilities and the conquest of newer and newer peaks of Knowledge! Therefore the performance-seminars including a demonstration of the initial abilities of ordinary people whose evolutionary level was slightly higher than todays ordinary level of development turned out to be the most successful form of raising interest in evolutionary (spiritual) development and enlightening by Knowledge.

Nicolai Levashov carries out his performance-seminar in Archangelsk in 1991
Nicolai Levashov carries out his
performance-seminar in Archangelsk in 1991
1. The first performance-seminar of this kind was carried out in Archangelsk in June, 1991. Here is how it happened: The main purpose of my educational-curative performance was the awakening of people. But many slept and did not wish to wake up; on the contrary, they wanted to continue "sleeping." People of this kind were not interested in understanding the nature of things. They only wanted to see a show and nothing else. Another part of the audience wanted only a healing session. Those who searched for understanding were an underwhelming minority. I understood that very quickly, as soon as I began the performance. I felt the whole audience, all their emotions and thoughts and understood that I should find some solution to this seemingly insoluble problemto give each one everything he came for plus what was necessary for his awakening. To every spectator... but there were at least three groups of spectators: those who came to see the show or "circus," as I call it; those who came to get treatment and get rid of health problems in between times; and those who were looking for at least some minor understanding of things. I had to give them all that simultaneously during one performance. I had to create the tactic and strategy of my performance in "field" conditions

Detailed information about the performance-seminar is in Nicolai Levashovs autobiographical book The Mirror of My Soul, 1st Vol., chapters 28 and 29. There is a video of some extracts of the performance in Russian in the "Video" section on the web site and some pictures in the "Seminar-1. Photos."

2. Nicolai Levashov conducted similar seminars in the USA where his students took part as well as persons interested in one or another aspect of his activity as a scientist and his phenomenal results. Regrettably, the photographic and video data is unavailable. Therefore, more detailed information about them will be given in the 2nd volume of his autobiographic chronicle The Mirror of My Soul.

Nicolai Levashov carries out his performance-seminar in Moscow in 2010
Nicolai Levashov carries out his
performance-seminar in Moscow in 2010
3. In 2010, March, 19 to 21 Nicolai Levashov carried out his first performance-seminar in Moscow, the purpose of which remained the samethe awakening of peoples sleeping minds, aiming them towards spiritual (evolutionary) development and demonstrating some initial abilities which ordinary people may have. The participants in this performance-seminar were divided into the same 3 categories as in Archangelsk, however, the number of people who looked for knowledge was considerably larger than twenty years ago probably because of the fact that a lot of members of the Russian Public Movement "Renaissance. The Golden Age," which Nicolai Levashov organized three years ago, attended the seminar aspiring to find the Path to real spiritual development and enlightening by knowledge. Another reason for this could also be the dawning of
the Day of Svarog which has already begun to warm more and more people, waking them up from their millennia hibernation by its positive influence.

More than a thousand persons from different countries came to the seminar. There were officials from the government and special services, scientists, journalists, extrasensory individuals, doctors and teachers among them. During three days of the seminar Nicolai Levashov gave a very detailed explanation of the essence of the spiritual (evolutionary) development of Man and the sense of the experiments which would take place and what would happen to the participants on stage. He also taught people who acquired "supernatural" abilities how to use them correctly, as well as how interpret and estimate adequately the results they got and many other things. He demonstrated to the audience that it was possible to see the internal organs and human skeleton, how to enter into a "state of rock", how to deal with astral parasites and travel to other inhabited planets

You can find a detailed description of each day of this performance-seminar below clicking the corresponding link. There you also may find links to the photo-galleries of each day and a Video in Russian.

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